Advocacy Kit

The Australian Local Government Association and your state/territory local government association have made it simple for your council to participate in the national advocacy campaign to get fairer funding for local government and our communities.

We have designed a staged advocacy program that will ensure that our message is heard and understood and leads to action – an increase in funding from the Australian Government to Local Governments.

Stage one led up to the 2019 federal election. We urged you to lend your voice to the sector’s call to all federal political parties to provide fairer funding to councils to ultimately get support from the government and get more projects delivered for our communities – unlocking their potential.

We’re now in stage two, immediately post-election. A key part of this stage is to educate Parliamentarians, including your local member and senators, about the importance of this funding for unlocking the potential of local communities. To get involved:

• pass a Council resolution so that the Mayor writes to their local MP congratulating them on their (re)election and acknowledge the importance of the funding and a partnership with the Australian Government. 

• When the Federal Budget is passed, probably in July, you could meet your local member to acknowledge receipt of the FAGs funds, letting them know what you will be using the funds for this financial year, and highlighting what an increase in FAGs could mean for your Council and the local community. Think about highlighting the things that you can’t do currently that would you be able to do if the funds are increased e.g. build a new pool, or what business-as-usual thing that you could do more of e.g. seal another 50km of roads to address safety issues. Use examples of what the funding can achieve to reinforce the importance of the money.

• Follow up your meeting with a letter reinforcing the key messages that you want to get across, and thanking the government for the funding. 

• Write to the relevant portfolio minister highlighting the importance of the funding for unlocking the potential of your local community and assisting the minister to deliver on their portfolio priorities. 

• Build some local champions. Champions could take the form of local leaders, local businesses, sports leaders and sports clubs. ‘Local heroes’ could be engaged to lobby government alongside the Council. These influential characters should be approached to aid in the campaign for Local Government funding as this money will often have contributed to their success. These ‘local heroes’ will be able to speak on their personal experience of how important Local Government funding was for them. For example, a local sporting hero who learned to play basketball at a local government-funded sport centre. Using ‘local heroes’ could be a cornerstone of both ALGA’s political engagement and media campaign as they will act as local ambassadors who’ve influence at a national level.

Download, complete and return a council profile to ALGA at These profiles will be used for a wide range of advocacy reasons including providing examples to Ministers, on social media, and to allow us to build a detailed case on what benefits additional funding with have for local communities and the nation as a whole.

• Please share your advocacy on your social media accounts, use #fairershare, and tag @ALGAcomms on Twitter or Linked In, so we can help amplify your message.

We encourage you to use the key theme – ‘Fairer Funding Unlocks Communities Potential’. This highlights that fairer funding for local governments from the Australian Government will help our communities get more of the valuable facilities and services that allow them to thrive.

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