Advocacy Kit

The Australian Local Government Association and your state/territory local government association have made it simple for your council to participate in the national advocacy campaign to get fairer funding for local government and our communities. 

We have designed a staged advocacy program that will ensure that our message is heard and understood and leading to action – an increase in funding from the Australian Government to Local Governments. 

The first stage of the approach is the lead up to the federal election. We urge you to lend your voice to the sectors call to all federal political parties to provide fairer funding to councils. If we can get enough federal representatives and candidates championing local government funding, we can ultimately get support from the government and get more projects delivered for our communities – unlocking their potential.

Below is the advocacy tool kit for stage 1- the pre-election stage. This will be updated post-election when we know who the new government is. We encourage you to utilise as many of the tools available as possible. The checklist is a great place to start as it outlines how we are asking you to get involved.

We encourage you to use the key theme – ‘Fairer Funding Unlocks Communities Potential’. This highlights that fairer funding for local governments from the Australian Government will help our communities get more of the valuable facilities and services that allow them to thrive.

Fairer funding is ALGA’s priority election and budget ask. There are others however that you may also like to campaign on. These are outlined on our All Politics are Local campaign website and the ALGA website

The more councils and communities that get behind our campaign the more likely we are to succeed. Contact us and let us know what you are doing to help with the campaign

Here is how we are asking you to help


Template letter from Councillors

Template Letter from Mayor to Prime Minister 

Template letter from Mayor to the Opposition Leader


Email to your party’s electorate branch secretary

Email from mayor to political party branch secretary

Media Release

Template media release for Mayor or Councilors

Media Release talking points 

ALGA's Election Document

12 Ways to Deliver for Australian Communities

Summary of Key initiatives

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